What are Emojis? Top 5 Most Used Emojis in The World


Today in the world of smartphone and internet, we all use emojis daily. Even the older ones amongst us have probably made a smiley-face emoji.


Japanese terms to talk about ideograms, “emojis” has become a new communication paradigm. With these emoticons, you can express numerous feelings and attitudes. The big technology firms have wanted to give it a boost. Among them, Apple, which in the version of the iOS 11 operating system has included new proposals.

And the most used one is the smiley face with tears, known in Anglo-Saxon culture as “tears of joy.” According to a report by the US company regarding its differential privacy technology, the “emoji” most used by users of Apple devices is not, as many people may believe, or poop or bulging eyes, but a smiling face that skips tears.

It is followed by the universal symbol of the heart, the face with tears, the face with red hearts, to send a kiss, face with blank eyes or the skull. The statistics are unknown given the privacy policy of the American company.

According to the panel, a page that collects employment statistics of emoticons on the Twitter network, the smiling face that skips tears is also the most used among users. These data contrast with a study published last year by the universities of Michigan (USA) and Beijing (China) in which it was concluded that the “face with tears of joy” was also the figure most used by users of these digital services.

Many uses – until the arrival of the “Animoji’s” It is clear that emoticons are changing the way we communicate. The advantages of its use include immediacy (no need to type all the words), it improves the meaning (it is closer to a dialogue), closer conversations (no further explanations are necessary) and fun (make the messages more digestible).

However, several studies have tried to explore their true contributions to language and writing. Another study, in this case, prepared by the social media firm Brand watch, emphasized that “emojis” that include tears are more used by women than men.

One of the companies that have opted for this type of visual element is Facebook, which from its digital services allows users to share them. And the result is, at least, surprising.

More than 60 million “emojis” are used on Facebook every day and more than 5,000 million “emojis” are used in the Messenger chat application daily, according to recent data.

Another company that has wanted to twist this “fashion” so to speak has been Apple, which in its new iPhone X has incorporated an option called “Anomojis” that, thanks to its facial recognition system, allows you to mimic the easy expressions of a person.

World’s Top 5 Most Used Emojis:

1. The smiling face with smiling eyes

The Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

2. The winking face

The Winking Face

3. The grinning face

The Grinning Face

4. The face with tears of joy

The Face With Tears of Joy

5. The smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

The Smiling Face With Heart-shaped Eyes

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