What is a Bridge Page?

People generally consider Bridge page as an affiliate page but it is completely wrong because both are different. To clear the doubts of the people, we are elaborating the topic in detail. Hence if you are looking to know about Bridget Page, read the below mentioned content carefully. Also, ignoring the knowledge will be a loss for you because if people promote a bridge page by doing advertisement, it may lead the page towards suspension. So just boost up your knowledge and take benefit of it.

Let’s Understand the Concept of Bridge Page:

In order to drive traffic from one website to another, Bridge pages are created. The pages are defined by AdWords whose purpose is to drive more and more traffic to the other site. It is the same as in our routine life, bridges help people to move from one end to another when normal movement is not possible. Bridge pages come just after the “Capture Page” and before the “Sales Page”.

Concept of Bridge Page - What is a Bridge Page

Bridge Pages empower the website and increase its visibility. Online marketers use this tool in order to get more sales orders and leads while promoting the product or website. The promotional techniques demand smart digital marketing strategies as well, hence here we will guide the uses for the same as well.

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When bridge pages were not in much use, a lead directly went to the offer page from the capture page of the website. But with the use of Bridge Page, service pages get a chance to interact with the prospect one to one. It acts as a funnel where leads are filtered and as a result of which chance of sales increases.

How should one create a Bridge Page?

Creation of Bridge Pages demand simplicity because you cannot execute the stuff because you are not allowed advertising the bridge page. Hence one should keep it short, simple and conventional.

Let’s have a look over the elements of Bridge Page:

1. Content Should Be Simple:

Content Should Be Simple - What is a Bridge Page

Keep the content of Bridge pages simple and convincing. Direct messages help in getting more and more clients rather than promotional messages. Hence keep it short, sweet and simple.

2. Introduce Yourself:

Introduce Yourself - What is a Bridge Page

During the creation of Bridge Page, introduce yourself. People must know about you. Keep the introduction genuine and real as much as possible. We should not write just anything for the sake of marketing, mention original things only.

3. Showcase the Offer:

Showcase the Offer - What is a Bridge Page

Whatever you are offering for the end users, mention that as well. Businesses do offer some free services as well in order to gain the attention of users. Mention the free or complementary services in detail. It acts as a booster because generally people love to get a trail of any product or service.

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4. Add the Testimonial:

Add the Testimonial - What is a Bridge Page

Feedbacks are very important, always ask your client to share their reviews for you. Give best service so that best review could be earned. Use the earned reviews as a testimonial so that the public would get to know about the quality of your service.

Hence one should follow the mentioned concepts prior to create a Bridge Page.