What is a Thank You Page?


Thank you is a gesture that we show in return to the regards of others. This has been taught to all the individuals since childhood. The concept is used in the digital world, when someone visits our web page or any online platform, thanking them is our primary responsibility. This is the reason, websites should always have a Thank You page. The professionalism of a business is reflected through a Thank you page and users find it really good if someone thanks them for their regards. Hence if you are also creating your website or already have it, make sure to add a Thank you page.

What Should Be Added in the Thank You Page?

There are people who are not that much aware about the concept of Thank you page, hence here we are mentioning points that are important for a Thank you page.

1. Gratitude Message:

Gratitude Message - Thank You Page

The thank you page must have an intent of Gratitude. We should always be thankful to the people who are coming at our page. Keep a short, sweet and simple message of thanking. There is no need to have a lengthy line. The content should be impactful and unique.

2. Display Should Be Proper:

Display Should Be Proper - Thank You Page

While designing, make sure that, display of the page should be quite normal and visible. Graphics should be clear and yet impressive.

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3. Show Offers and Deals in Short:

Show Offers and Deals in Short - Thank You Page

If you are offering some deals, thank you page may have that offer. The offers and deals should be shown in short. You can put the steps to avail the offers. It may increase the footfall of the clients.

4. Social Media Accounts Integration:

Social Media Accounts Integration - Thank You Page

The Thank you page must have social media accounts integration. The people should know about the social media presence as well.

5. Call to Action:

Call to Action - Thank You Page

In order to record the response of the users, don’t forget to add CTA (Call to Action) and Signup form.

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6. Crystal Clear Page:

Crystal Clear Page - Thank You Page

The content of the Thank you page should be visible. The overlapped content distracts users and people don’t want to stay. Hence by using right color combination, visible content should be shown on the Thank you page.

Hence, these are the important concepts that must be followed during the creation of the Thank you page. These pages are mostly created during promotional activities. As the digital marketing team ensures to get maximum visitors hence such pages are required to build.

Advantages of Thank You Page:

Let’s know about the benefits of a Thank you page. It has various advantages, and few are as mentioned below:

  • The visibility of website increases
  • People get to know more about the business
  • Increases revenue
  • Generates lead
  • Maintains ranking on search engines