What is a Virtual Call Center? 6 Benefits of VCC


When customers call your organization and get gentle and helpful customer service from your executives, it creates a positive impact on the customer mind and makes a strong bond between customer and company. Customers feel like they are dealing with a reliable, honest and more established company.

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A virtual call center is that in which their preventatives are physically distributed, they are not sitting in a building operated by the organization. In virtual call center employees may be sited in small groups, but in most often they work from their own homes or any other comfortable space. This is a smart arrangement for employees’ gives more output to the organization, because there’s no dress code or travel and the hours are frequently flexible.

For the company virtual call center model is very effective because no physical setup is required, no network and building is required.

Though, setting up a call center for your business is a bit expensive. Some small businesses can’t afford it to run it. But, that does not mean that small businesses cannot offer telephone customer service. Now they can set up a virtual call center (VCC).

6 Benefits of Virtual Call Center

  1. Rapid, easy deployment with nominal IT involvement
  2. No capital investment and low functional costs
  3. Secure, scalable and flexible platform
  4. Optimized workforce-accurate forecasting and cost-effective scheduling
  5. Integrated multichannel solutions for voice and digital
  6. Economical advantage through optimal customer experience

Moving to a virtual call center model will be very valuable for any organization.

Minimal System Requirements for Virtual Call Center

Simple business hardware requirements

  1. 1 GHz or any processor
  2. 1 GB RAM
  3. 100 MB free disk space

Windows, Linux

  1. Windows Platform: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
  2. Linux Platform: Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04 (32/64bit)


For the best audio experience, a high-quality USB headset is needed.

Broadband internet connection

To ensure business-level quality while using VCC Live’s solution you need a stable internet connection with a minimum upload and download speed of 100kbit/sec per workstation.