What is Capture Page?

Capture page is created to get some specific data from visitors such as email ids. Most of us are pretty aware of the campaigns where it is written as “Subscribe to your email list” and once we click, our data is fetched to that particular service provider and from time to time they keep on sharing their promotional emails etc… Hence a page that is created with an intention to get the email ids of the users is called as a Capture Page. Also, should have an appeal to gain the attention of users hence it should have high class creativity.

Subscribe Form to Your Email List - Capture Page

In the present scenario, we all are aware about the competition and people are just running random campaigns in order to promote their businesses but it will go nowhere unless or until you will have a creative capture page. The businesses must have some necessary piece of information for the users so that they became curious and subscribe you email. Random emails go in Junk or Spam section of mailbox. Capture page is created during promotional activities because it empowers the visibility of the business and generates leads. So, one should be attentive while integrating the capture page. Now we will let you know some strategies through which an effective capture page can be created.

How to Create an Effective Capture Page?

There are some defined parameters that must be followed during creation of the Capture Page and if you follow the same approach, it will give amazing results.

1. Capture Page Should Be Informative

Capture Page Should Be Informative - Capture Page

The content of the capture page should be informative and knowledge oriented. Your visitors should have a curiosity of knowing more. The campaign should be able to get maximum possible user’s engagement.

2. State Problems Along with Quick Resolution

State Problems Along with Quick Resolution - Capture Page

Marketing and sales promotion team should apply a strategy of showing the problem. Once the problem is stated properly, then let the world know its required solution. When users get problems and solutions, they get attracted and subscribe to the email list for sure.

3. Keep the Content Engaging

Keep the Content Engaging - Capture Page

The content of the capture page should be unique, engaging, and innovative. The keywords should be properly used in order to increase the ranking of the website as well.

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4. Captions Should Be Effective

Captions Should Be Effective - Capture Page

The headings of the capture page should be eye-catchy and able to get quick reactions from the users. Captions should click the users’ mind instantly.

5. Use of Navigations Should Be Minimal

Use of Navigations Should Be Minimal - Capture Page

The use of navigations should be avoided and kept limited in order to keep the user on the page.

6. Design Should Have Solid Appeal

Design Should Have Solid Appeal - Capture Page

The designers should make the website appealing having user friendly interface. The design should be done by keeping the SEO Lincolnshire concepts in mind.

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What Should Be in Your Mind While Creating the Capture Page?

There are some concepts that must be kept in mind while designing a unique and engaging capture page. These are as follows:

  • Define your goal
  • Craft a relevant and eye-catchy headline
  • Social media presence
  • Insert right form fields
  • Keep in mind the traffic resource
  • Call to action