What is Feminism?


Feminism is about believing in gender equality. Nowadays, the environment is getting horrible for the women fraternity. At one side society shows respect, care and consciousness for women empowerment, on the other side rape cases are happening. There is no threat of law and order, things seems very easy for the culprits. Being feminist is the best thing that you can do for women welfare but along with the same, there lots of things which must be executed in order to maintain the prior one.

Feminism is Gender Equality

Every year we celebrate women’s day on 8th of the March, to show our affection for women of the world but do you also think this is enough? I am sure most of us do not know about Men’s day, why? This is only because there is not a one day that should be celebrated as Men’s day and the same should go with the women as well. When we achieve that day only then the true meaning feminism will be justified.

Being Feminism is Good? or Not?

There are so many people who do not know the meaning of feminism. If you believe in gender equality then this is feminism. The level of education is growing day by day and now people have started believing in feminism which a good start but this is just a step. We need to be focused for the growth of women empowerment so that each and every girl could feel safe.

Just being protected for women is not enough, let them fly high…. Do not spoil their wings!!!