What is Lipitor Drug?


The current era is purely dedicated to the fitness world where we all are striving hard in order to keep our body fit. Lipitor which is also called as Atorvastatin is from the family of drugs, popularly known as HMG CoA reeducates inhibitors, or “statins”. Lipitor has been used to lower the bad cholesterol level in the body and triglycerides in the blood. Also, it helps the increase of “high-density lipoprotein, or HDL” commonly “Good Cholesterol” in the body. People do lots of exercises in order to lose weight and if they take Lipitor it helps rapid weight loss. It is always recommended to take Lipitor only after having consultation from your doctor. The doctor knows about the allergic condition of one’s body hence they will only suggest Lipitor if it suits.

Lipitor Drug

The use of Lipitor lowers the risks of heart attack, strokes and other factors which affect the heart of the human body. Along with the treatment of high cholesterol, Lipitor is also useful for those people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. The minimum age to use Lipitor is 10 years. Hence before the use of Lipitor, you should have awareness about its usage and also about the major precautions.

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There are few conditions in which one should not use Lipitor:

Allergy Problem: If you have a bad allergic problem then you should avoid the use of Lipitor. Sometimes body becomes unable to accommodate any new kind of drug and as a result of that people move into critical situation hence to avoid those scenarios, do not prefer Lipitor.

Liver disease: if a person is having the liver-related issue then the use of Lipitor should be avoided.

Pregnancy: Women should not intake Lipitor while pregnancy. It impacts the growth of the child hence better to avoid the use of Lipitor. As a side effect, Lipitor reacts in getting contact with other medicines and as lots of medicines are recommended during pregnancy, hence it is better to avoid the same. Always discuss with doctor about the medicines which you have taken.

If you are willing to take Lipitor then discuss the below-mentioned points with your doctor if you have:

  • Muscle pain or weakness
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • A thyroid disorder
  • You drink more than 2 alcoholic beverages daily

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Lipitor Medicine

Steps for the Intake of Lipitor

If you are taking Lipitor then as a precaution you should not take those foods which are having high cholesterol. The effect of Lipitor will not work if you take high cholesterol food. The effect of this drug can be seen in 2 weeks but along with the intake of it, you should also have much focused on exercises, food, medication, and workouts. All these complete activities will help you in order to lose weight.

Now You Must Be Thinking About, How to Use The Lipitor?

As explained earlier, use Lipitor only after getting a prescription from the doctor. Take the drug only once in a day with or without diet as guided by the doctor. Take the medicine every day at the same time in the routine. You should not break the tablet of Lipitor. If you forget to take the medicine as per the set routine then have it as soon as it comes in your mind and you should skip the dose if the next dose is inline after 12 hours otherwise it will cause some serious problems. If you find any issue after having the medicines then inform the doctor immediately.

Lipitor Medicine Drug

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Caution About Lipitor Drug

Keep the Lipitor medicine away from the reach of children and also do not share with anyone else without having any confirmation from the doctor.

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