What is The National Game of India?


India is known for its magnificent performance in sports across the globe and Hockey is the national game of the country. In 1928, India has participated in the Olympics at Amsterdam and since the game is made National game of India.

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Various Types in Which the Hockey Game is Played:

1. Street Hockey:

Street Hockey - Types of Hockey Game

The street hockey is also known as road hockey and is a dry land variant. This kind of hockey is played on the hard surface. As per the format of the game, ball is used in place of puck.

2. Roller Hockey (Quad):

Roller Hockey (Quad) - Types of Hockey Game

This is an international hockey style and also called as quad hockey. In 60 courtiers the game is played worldwide.

3. Roller Hockey (Inline):

Roller Hockey (Inline) - Types of Hockey Game

The inline hockey is played by two teams in which 4 skaters take part. The game is pretty much similar to ice-hockey. The game is played at dry rink which is divided by a line.

4. Ice Sledge Hockey:

Ice Sledge Hockey - Types of Hockey Game

The players who are having physical disabilities play this type of hockey. The game is also called as para-ice hockey. In the game players sit on sledges and use two sticks.

5. Ice Hockey:

Ice Hockey - Types of Hockey Game

The game is played in between two teams of skaters on the ice ground. Mostly the game is played the region of North America.

6. Field Hockey:

Field Hockey - Types of Hockey Game

Almost we all are aware about field hockey. The game is played on natural grass in a ground. International Hockey Federation that is IHF governs the organization of hockey matches.

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