What Should Do While Lost Credit Card?


Credit cards offer the possibility of not carrying cash and still be able to pay by using almost any product. Also, they allow items to be purchased on credit, the cost of which will be disbursed through the bank’s current account. That is who trusts and advances to the corresponding trade the amount of the product purchased.

Credit Cards

But the many advantages that credit cards can offer have a drawback. The integrity of the card has to be taken care of if it deteriorates, it may not be used. So it will have to be replaced.

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Remember that the cards have a magnetic stripe that the appropriate devices read and that merchants can collect payments through it. If that magnetic strip is damaged, the card will be unusable.

It can also happen that a card disappears, either because someone has stolen it or because it has been lost. In this case, a quick and diligent reaction can help prevent future problems.

What Should Do While Credit Card Lost?

Lost Credit Card

The first thing to do is to notify the loss to the issuing bank or company. To do this you must call the phone number that has been provided. The bad thing is that this number usually comes on the same card and if it has not been written down it will have to be located through other means.

The best option is telephone communication, since it is the fastest. The objective is to notify the bank or company promptly so that if someone uses that card, they cannot charge the price of their possible purchases. The company will proceed to cancel the card and a new one may be requested.

A convenient measure when communicating with the issuing company or bank is to write down the date and time of the call, as well as the name of the person with whom you are speaking. In this way, it can be demonstrated that the notification has been made if inconveniences arise.

You can also then write a letter to the bank or company explaining the same thing that has been communicated to you by phone. This will be a written record. That letter will detail the date and time it was written.

The problem of having lost the credit card is that whoever finds it or has stolen it can use it and charge the cardholder the expenses incurred by the thief.

We must avoid storing all our cards along with other documents such as a driver’s license, ID or passport. If our wallet is lost or stolen, it will not be so inconvenient.

As soon as we notice the lack of our card we must act quickly. When our bank gives us the documentation of our card, it includes a number 24 hours a day that serves for this type of thing. In this customer service number, we will unsubscribe our card so that, in case someone finds it or the criminals themselves cannot use them.

Write down the day and time at which the entity proceeds to cancel your card and then have control of your money by viewing the card extracts.

Whether in case of loss or theft, you must report the lack of your cards, since if in the end, it falls into unwanted hands you can proceed to perform any illegal activities with them. Go to a police station and cover the complaint, keep it handy to complain in case your document is misused.

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