What to Do If Insurance Company is Stalling Claim?


Anybody takes insurance plan so that worst scenario of life could be controlled. There are various types of insurance policies like health insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance etc… By considering all these aspects one thing is very sure that delay in getting the claim’s compensation is unbearable because people pass through some bad phases and they are in big demand.

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In such scenarios, people should be supplied with quick compensation but sometimes in actual it does not happen. All these lead towards the frustrating condition. If you are also passing through such conditions then there are ways through the process of claim settlement could get fast and speedy It can be done by consulting an attorney so as to the insurance company could get a legal pressure and claim will get settled at the soonest.

Why insurance company is stalling the claim?

There are certain reasons because of which the company may be stalling the claim.

1. It is waiting on additional documentation such as your medical records or the accident report.

Waiting on additional documentation - What to Do If Insurance Company is Stalling Claim

2. It suspects you filed a fraudulent claim and wants to investigate it more in depth.

Investigate it more in depth - What to Do If Insurance Company is Stalling Claim

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3. It is acting in bad faith. If your company acts in bad faith, it does so in the hopes that you will either drop the claim altogether or settle for less than what it is worth.

Acting in bad faith - What to Do If Insurance Company is Stalling Claim

What should be done when insurance company is stalling the claim?

If the users are stuck in such situation where payment is being delayed then one should follow the below mentioned things so that quick recovery of money could be done.

Complete the aspect from your end: All the claimants should ensure the formalities by following the demands of insurance companies. All the supported documents should be submitted as per rules.

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  • Photos from the accident
  • Reports from the adjusters
  • Records of medical expanses
  • Estimation of repairs or estimation of health treatment
  • Complete information of the witnesses