When Batsman Gets a Free Hit?


Free Hit is the favorite situation of any batsman and they always pray for the same. This is the condition in which a batsman can get maximum run from one ball. When a bowler bowls a No Ball then the batsman becomes eligible to get free hit. During free hit batsman gets an opportunity to play an extra ball and he will not be given out other than run out.

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Batsman Gets Free Hit

Let’s try to understand through an example. If a batsman gets a free hit by umpire and he clicks it for six, then as a total he will get 7 runs. 6 run for Six and 1 run for No ball. Hence he will be to collect 7 runs in that particular ball. Oppositely if the batsman gets catch out at No ball even then he will not be out. Only run out is counted during free hit ball.

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Hence from here one can understand that No Ball is just an opportunity that comes for free. This is the reason batsman always prefers to play this ball with free hands because he knows he is not going to out in cricket match.

Apart from that, bowlers always pay attention because none of them intent to give free runs. Free hit creates excitement as well.