When Company Gets Halal Certificate?


Halal is a term that is taken from Quran and its meaning is permissible. Majorly the business person taken the certification for their services or products in order to prove that their offerings are permissible and that follows the law as well and Muslim community can use the same.

Halal Certificate Logo

Halal is the reflection of cleanliness and hence its certification proves that food etc… are clean and hygienic and will not affect the health.

How Many Types of Halal Certification?

There are various types of certification and below mentioned are the criteria in which one can get the Halal certification:

  • Food, Beverage and Catering Scheme
  • Restaurant Scheme
  • Industrial Scheme
  • Abattoir Scheme
  • Warehouse or Storage Scheme
  • Product Endorsement Scheme

How to Get Halal Certification?

If you are willing to get Halal certification for your business then below mentioned are the steps that should be followed.

  1. Make an application
  2. Audit
  3. Certification

Advantages of Taking Halal Certification

  • The provision of certification is made for the welfare of businesses and to keep it safe. If you take Halal certification for your business then:
  • The product or service will get promoted over 2 billion people across the globe
  • Logo of Halal will give unique identity
  • Marketing of the product will be allowed in Muslim countries