Who Can Apply for Government Job in India?


Are you looking to apply for government entrance tests? If yes, then here we will let you know about the eligibility criteria in order to appear in the exam. There are thousands of exams that are being organized via various sectors of government and their eligibility criteria differ from one another based on the department. Majorly we will discuss about some common things through which you will come to know about the applicants who can apply for the government job in India. Hence if you are looking to know about the same then stick to the article.

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If you are an aspirant who is going to apply for the entrance test organized by government should satisfy the below mentioned criteria.

Criteria for Applying in Government Job

1. Age factor:

Age factor - Who Can Apply for Government Job in India

All government related exams have certain age limit and all the aspirants must fall in that category. If you apply for the job, by ignoring the age then the application form will get rejected by the authority and you will be not be liable to give the exam.

2. Educational Qualification:

Educational Qualification - Who Can Apply for Government Job in India

In order to apply for any government job, the educational qualification must be met. Based on the educational qualification the aspirants should plan for their targeted exam.

3. Resident of India:

Resident of India - Who Can Apply for Government Job in India

To apply for the government job, you must have resident of India. The authority always conducts the exam for the people of India and hence you will have to be a proper resident of India in order to apply for the job.

4. Identity Proof Availability:

Identity Proof Availability - Who Can Apply for Government Job in India

There is various proof of identity that is always asked prior to appear in the exam. Like proof for age factor, address proof, Identity proof, date of birth proof, character certificate, educational certificate etc… Hence all these documentation should be ready in order to appear in the government exam.

In short, these are the mandatory conditions without which no one can appear in any of the government job. The jobs are published either by central government or state government. If you are looking to appear in any of them then above mentioned points must be followed. Suppose you have done your preparation superbly but you will get rejected if any of the above criteria is missed.

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From here one can understand the worth of these basic requirements. Apart from that if you are looking to gather information in regards to the exam then visit the parent site and gather useful information. Nowadays everything is online and you will be able to apply for the job by being at home. If any query comes in mind, feel free to share.