Why Today SSL Certificate is An Essential Part for Website?


You must have noticed one thing while opening a website, a lock icon at the URL of the website; it starts the URL with https and on contrary some websites does not have the lock and it starts with http. Do you know the significance of the same? The website which has the lock icon and https URL is secure website while the other one is not secure. The website becomes secure after the implementation of SSL certificate (SSL means Secure Socket Layer).

Secured with SSLCertificate

As the use of internet is done at a very large scale and it is beyond our assumption hence the organization like Google has decided to take few initiatives in order to make the website secure and protect it from all kinds of external threats like hacking, virus attack etc… Implementation of SSL is one of those initiatives and by installing SSL certificate you get an assurance of secured network. The certificate is provided by all hosting service providers and users are free to choose based on the need of the website.

Since July 2019, Google had declared the entire website as ‘not secured’ who had not implemented the SSL certificate. Installing SSL reflects the URL with HTTPS which is a protocol that ensures the data which has been sent from the system to the website is in the encrypted form and will get transmitted in a secure way.

Website Not Secured with SSL Certificate

Advantages of having a SSL Certificate

  1. The security of the website: SSL certificates protect the website from external problems like virus attack, hacking, data lose etc… There are different types of SSL, for example if you have a online ordering website then you must take advance SSL in order to protect the payment processes and its information etc…
  2. Security of sub-domains: SSL Certificate also ensures the security of sub-domain along with main domain of the server. In order to have valid URL, you must have SSL certificate which will safeguard your website, domain and sub-domain.
  3. Builds trust amongst clients: The secure website binds users as they do trust on the secured networks. Nowadays, even public is getting smarter with digital world and hence if you want a good reputation and client acquisition then implement SSL certificate for your website and build the trust amongst the public.
  4. Best SEO performance: Google and other search engines give preference to the website which has SSL certificate. If you have not implemented the SSL certificate, then in spite doing best SEO, the top rank would never be achieved because Google will not validate the url as secure with SSL certificate. Hence to get the ranking and good performance over the search engines you must have SSL certificate installed for the website.

How to Take SSL Certificate?

Almost all domain and hosting provider companies offer the service of SSL certificate. You can procure from there by consulting with the developer or technical head of your organization. Deadly Web is one of the leading IT Company based in UK hence if you need our team will assist you in best possible manner. World class digital marketing experts, web developers and technical heads are leading the organization hence without any doubt, just get in touch to clear all the queries.