World Digitalization: Renowned Internet of Things


Could you imagine that your refrigerator will notify you when your food is going to expire? Or that your favourite shoes for running have a count of your steps, speed and even calories that you lose? It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie where objects come to life, and maybe it’s something like that.

The internet of things is a revolution of modern technology that directly connects objects with their owners and plans to cover almost 40 billion devices in the next two years.

Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to a worldwide network that connects physical objects through the Internet. There is a constant exchange of information between what the object registers and sends and receives from the network, as feedback.

It is a massive system of interconnections that transform the relationship between people and objects into a single massive virtual entity which captures and transforms data in real time.

This digitalization of the physical world as we know it suggests a business opportunity for companies of all categories, especially for small businesses that seek expansion. A more equitable business model arises. You can all have access to the information gathered on the internet of things and thus build products that are more individualized and focused on satisfying specific needs. The experience and life of the client come to the fore in this opportunity.

Cases of the Internet of Things

Although in many countries this type of technology seems more a future projection than a reality. You can already appreciate and prove concrete cases of how to use the internet of things in the business world. One of them is the system of automatic payments through mobile applications of cell phones, as well as the case of GPS detection systems for automobiles through other mobile devices.

Connecting people with objects results in a great benefit for companies and not only for their marketing contributions. How? Problems and failures related to industrial safety, citizen security and everything competent to the stability of a group of people can be prevented. By obtaining information online, much more control is given to a company of its human assets and how it can be safeguarded.

Within just two years, in 2021, it is estimated that investment in the Internet of things exceeds 500 billion dollars. A very high figure if you take into account that it is a fairly young technology, at least in a massive application like Big Data. The idea is to achieve that there are more connected objects than people and that we live in a world where the human being is capable of transcending, including his own life, through the digitalization of the world.

How does a Company Benefit from the Internet of Things?

Sales and Marketing

If a supermarket installs sensors in its corridors or on each shelf, it can take important information from its customers in real time and know its traffic and which customers own the company’s mobile application on their cell phones, as well as tend to buy more and at what frequency.

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Having a large amount of information in real time can translate into less money to invest in the long term. An air conditioner can regulate itself depending on the temperature and the number of people in a room. An electrical system can be activated only if it detects workers in a room. This also translates into an important contribution to the environment.

Personalized Experience

When you know in depth the desire and need of a client, you can adapt not only what is offered, but how it is sold. For decades, marketing departments have tried a thousand ways to reach a specific target and the internet of things makes it easier to do it in a much more personal way. In addition, having more satisfied customers with a personalized experience translates into a happier society.