World’s Enemy Countries with Each Other


We have studied about the fights between the nations since ancient times. Even in the current scenario there are lots of countries who are enemies of each other. Nation is defined in a range of boundaries and countries who share boundary line do not have healthy relation always. As an Indian, we know the relation in between India and Pakistan and in the same way there are so many countries that don’t have good relations. Here we will elaborate about the countries that are rivals of each other.

World’s Top 5 Enemy Countries with Each Other

1. North Korea & South Korea:

North Korea & South Korea - Enemy Countries with Each Other

The two countries have different structure and thought process. South Korea is a republic with dynamic economy which is not the case in North Korea and hence the animosity between the two nations is increasing day by day.

2. India & Pakistan:

India & Pakistan - Enemy Countries with Each Other

The relation between India and Pakistan is complicated since the time of freedom when Pakistan was formed. Approximately 75% of the Muslims are settled in Pakistan and since partition the fight between the nations is on.

3. America & Iran:

America & Iran - Enemy Countries with Each Other

Both the nations have major conflicts in which the major agenda is support of Iran towards Terrorism.

4. China & Tibet:

China & Tibet - Enemy Countries with Each Other

China has intention to remove Tibet and fight was begun on the name of Dalai Lama but the current scenario is something else.

5. Iran & Iraq:

Iran & Iraq - Enemy Countries with Each Other

Both the countries are enemies of each other because of indiscriminate ballistic-missile attacks. The tension between the nations is getting increased when due to the oil as both are the giants in the same industry.

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Hence these are some nations who are not intent to see each other. War zone can be formed anytime in between them.