Is It Possible to Get Credit Cards for Students without Any Credit?


As we know there is no fixed income source for a student and offering credit cards to them is a bit risky for the banks. This is why most of the banks issue student credit cards either towards some fixed deposit or educational loan. Also, there are two types of credit cards that are being offered in which one is secured and the other is unsecured. A student can avail of any of these cards by qualifying all the eligibility criteria with no credit. Only banks make sure that they have enough funds flow so that they can pay their monthly bills.

Various banks are offering student credit cards and each one has its own conditions. For example, the State Bank of India issues a student credit card to only those students who have taken their educational loan. While others prefer to issue the card based on some deposits. Banks follow these practices just to secure their money.

Further, there are many banks that are offering credit cards without any credit. Hence the students who are looking for such options, here you go. We are sharing some of the best student cards. Also, make sure you are below 18 and a college-going student. All the records and documents should be correct and available.

Discover it® Student Cash Back

The card offers cashback and automatically calculates all the earned cashback. Also, the card does not have any minimum spending limit. It offers cashback of 5% towards each purchase. Various rewards are available and students can take advantage easily. We know, being a student, paying an annual fee is a little bit challenging and this card does not have any kind of annual fee payment.

Bank of America® Cash Rewards for Students

The cardholder is not required to pay an annual fee. Also, the card offers 3% cash back on dining, travel, gas, online shopping, etc. One can get 2% cashback while grocery shopping. Overall towards almost all purchases, you will get some cash back depending upon its nature.

Citi Rewards+ Student Card

The card works on a point system and demands no annual fees. Towards each transaction, you will get some points. Each point has some worth which will be converted into $. You can redeem these points in cash back or gift cards.

Best Student Cards for Travel

This card is beneficial for students who are looking to study abroad. As per the analysis, more than 3,00,000 students leave their country to study in overseas countries. We know the expenses will be much higher and this card supports a lot. You can easily travel by using a credit card. You can get this card with the least credit card even if it is not excellent.

So, these are the cards that are available with no or fewer credits. Before applying for any credit card, analyze it properly. Always make sure that your demand should be fulfilled.