Are Pre-Primary Schools Good or Bad for Kids?


There are a few people who believed that the pressure on children is increasing more and more day by day. You can see that they are making them join extra classes and expert coaching.

But it is all that they need to keep patience about this as there is a hidden advantage which can be obtained just by placing your child in a pre-primary school.

Pre Primary School

Patience is really important to be maintained. For the teacher, the pressure exerted by the parents leads in spite of them to great stress in the children, easily discouraged and often in imbalance.

They complain that they are facing children who have brains that perform well but do not master basic gestures. At age 4, they know the syllabic association and digital rhyme up to 30, but do not know how to zip their coat.

What According to Parents Are Sending Their Child to Pre-Primary School?

Everything follows, for expert educators, from this great novelty that is the development of a “school strategy” for children. Parents learn from their own professional lives.

They are aware of the importance of diplomas, and even more so of those obtained in prestigious schools. They know that the first will be first! It is a way known to parents, who ultimately want only one thing: put their offspring as soon as possible on the right track, the sooner safe from the crisis. The crisis that they took full force when they leave school.

Pre Primary School Parents

Assuming that material security depends on employment which is itself dependent on education, parents operate a kind of countdown for their children. From the big school, they envisage the best preparatory class, the best high school, the best college and so the best kindergarten. On this account, there are many pre-primary schools. Without falling into educational delirium, one projects one’s child further and earlier.

What According to Educators Is Sending Their Child to Pre-Primary School?

There are a few teachers and HOD’s who have been studying on the patterns of learning of kids, have mentioned that parents are more and more anxious about the future of their children.

Also, it is noted that they are sometimes, quite simply, afraid of the education of tomorrow. More than a desire to turn their children into scholarly monkeys, they see in parents the desire to return to safe values and a real educational framework.

Pre Primary School Educator

In a context of crisis and insecurity, they naturally demand a caring environment for their children, says this heads of establishment years, fully involved in the duty to support families.

Beyond the result and the good grade, they want their children to understand the meaning of the effort and the taste for the job done. A way to push them to succeed, of course, but to push them to find the keys to do it, especially.


The little kindergarten section is a mini-society. Children are there to weave their first social bonds, take their first steps in the fulfillment of their person, become responsible beings and open to others.

Their mission is not to make them small ministers and also an intellectual person.

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