3 Methods to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card is a rewarding gift card from the online store Amazon.com. Their nominal varies from 0.5 to 2000 dollars.

If you are looking for an Amazon Free Gift Card, today, you will learn how to get it using Social Engineering.

At the moment there are 3 ways to get a Gift Card. we do not recommend using these methods for gift cards with a nominal value of over $ 100, it will be much harder to implement.

Method 1: Search the Seller of Amazon Gift Card on Ecommerce Sites

Find a seller on eBay sites that sell an Amazon gift card for $ 25+.

Write a message to the seller asking you to provide only three consecutive digits and the serial number of the gift card so you can email Amazon and make sure the card is legitimate and not fake.

We were very interested in your $ XX gift card, could you erase the protective layer and tell me 3 consecutive numbers and tell me the serial number so we can call Amazon and confirm that the card is not fake and has money on it. They will not tell me the balance without a serial number for security reasons.

This is the most time-consuming process, so use 20-30 accounts with different texts and requests for sellers. According to statistics, 1 out of 20 sellers agrees to your conditions.

As soon as the seller sends you data or a photo of the card, write to the Amazon chat for a quicker result.

An Amazon representative will notify you that they can add a card balance to your account and ask for the card’s serial number. Next, he will need 3 consecutive, readable digits from the card.

In 90% of cases, the issue will be resolved immediately in your favor. But they can also send this problem to the Email team dealing with gift cards, and you will receive an answer in a day or two. To avoid this, you should indicate that you want to make a purchase of the “goods you need” as quickly as possible.

Method 2: The Easiest but Amazon Already Knows This Method and Requires Additional Confirmation of the Acquisition / Receipt of the Card

Step 1: Purchase a Gift from your purchase account. A large face value of the card will also be hard to do. Therefore, take up to $ 100.

Step 2: After the code is paid, copy the code and then go to the Amazon chat.

Step 3: Tell them that you bought a Gift by mistake and would like to refund it.

Step 4: On your primary account, go to the Amazon chat and tell them that you bought or received a gift card for your purchase from your local store. Therefore, choose the store “behind the hill”, where you can draw / forge a receipt if your words are confirmed.

Step 5: Inform Amazon chat that your code is not working, you have tried it many times, but it’s all useless. Ask them to figure out the problem.

Step 6: Soon they will ask for your code, after checking which, they will see that the code is available, but it cannot be activated. Because of your return, they will think that it was purchased from a store.

Step 7: After a successful dialogue, you will receive a new code, or your Amazon balance will be uploaded to the face value of the card.

Method 3: For those who Have an Average SI Level or Live “Over the Hill”

Go to the store where they sell Amazon gift cards, take a photo of the back of the card, where there is a serial number. Or, get a photo of the back side of the gift card and edit it in Photoshop so that it is impossible to read the code, not a single digit in the code, you could barely read the serial number.