How Long Does A Personal Injury Claim Take to Settle?


Claim settlement process passes through various steps and sometimes it takes more than expected period of time. People gets frustrated as well because no one is in position to bear that precious times and delay of the payments. Lots of things are dependent on those insurance claims and delaying of the same is really very painful. There are so many people who are keen to know about the time needed for the complete claim settlement but time estimation does not having any fixed time limit. Each insurance claim is different from one another and hence time differs.

Types of Insurance - How Long Does A Personal Injury Claim Take to Settle

Dragging of the case is beyond the control because processes move as per the protocols only. It may possible that the claim is settled in a month or it can be stretched to years. In order to get a quick settlement one should hire best lawyer who have years of experience in handling such cases.

Personal injury claim should be settled in a quick manner but you should also consider the money investment to get that claim. In many cases it has been felt that quick settlements take more money so one should proactively handle such things.

Reasons Behind the Delay of Claims:

Generally the personal injury claims may get delayed due to before mentioned reasons and one should keep these points in mind:

  • Delay may come due to legal or factual concerns
  • Delay may occur due to the involvement of huge amount of money
  • Flaws in the medical treatment is also a reason for the delay of claim settlement

If the insurance claim is having any of above mentioned gap then the claim settlement process will be delayed. As money is a big concern of the present scenario and to protect it from any kind of frauds, company completes all the protocols in order to verify the right user. A single ignorance or silly mistakes may lead towards the big losses and hence insurance companies verify everything at their end.

Hence saying about the exact deadline is not possible because it depends on the complexity of the case. If personal injury claim is verified with all the submitted documents then money will be transferred at the soonest. Also, if any kind of doubt is found then time will be consumed for the complete verification etc… Hence one should claim only after collecting all the evidences.