Foundation of Lipitor Generic

Lipitor which is also called as Atorvastatin comes in a family of drugs called HMG CoA reductase inhibitors or you can say “statins”. The drug is a generic formulation of Pfizer’s Lipitor. One of the best medical products of all time and people love to use it for better and fast results. The cholesterol-lowering statin, which is a familiar brand name that went the way of generics in 2011. The first time when Lipitor generic comes in front of the public was the time of 2011 and this was the time when Lipitor has lost its protection of being patent.

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Lipitor Generic

Low-density lipoprotein that is LDL which means bad cholesterol gets reduced by the use of Atorvastatin. It also helps in the reduction of triglycerides in the blood of the body. Lipitor generic is mostly used to increase the level of good cholesterol in the human body which means an increment of high-density lipoprotein or “HDL”.

Check Out the Effects of Lipitor Generic

People are much focused to lose weight but in this race do not forget that this drug is having negative impacts as well along with positive one. Hence before using Atorvastatin, you must consult the doctor. There are various side effects of Lipitor as described below:

  • Muscle wasting and muscle breakdown known as rhabdomyolysis
  • Confusion or memory problems
  • Fever
  • Dark urine
  • Liver damage
  • Stroke
  • Loss of appetite
  • Jaundice

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The Things Which You Should Avoid While the Use of Lipitor Generic

If someone is having doses of Lipitor then he or she must avoid the use of Berberine. It may lead to some serious conditions hence better to avoid the same. While using Lipitor, a user should do workouts and yoga in order to see better and fast results. Also, it is always recommended to consult your doctors because they know the body conditions in a much better way. Also if you have any allergy then discuss that as well so that doctor could prescribe in a much better way. The dose should be taken in the routine which means the same time at every single day. If you forget any dose by mistake then take only if the next dose is more than 12 hours ahead. Hence here we have suggested the most important stuffs in regards to Lipitor generic.

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