Top Quality Drugs to Improve Your Health

In addition to being the most widely used illicit drug in the world, all of them have a long list of medical benefits. Let us see different drugs and their health benefits.

Top Quality Drugs for Health Recovery

1. Marijuana:


After several years of scientific research, it has been shown to contain effective properties to relieve chronic pain, prevent PTSD, control nausea, relieve intraocular pressure associated with nausea, treat opioid dependence and improve symptoms of the disease.

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2. LSD:


Take a morning dose of LSD. You won’t feel transcendentally united with the universe or with the divinity. Well, except for one thing: you will feel satisfied and relaxed, thus begins the book “What a good day”, written by Ayelet Waldman in which the author, lawyer, and mother tells, for a month, the use she makes of LSD and how their effects benefit you in your day today. The book also explores the myths surrounding this drug and many others.

In high doses, LSD alters perception, mood and a series of cognitive processes. It can even make the person who consumes it hallucinate. But the microdoses of which the author speaks are not powerful enough to cause such effects. Moreover, what happens is that it increases concentration, energy, and creativity. Many people, who consume it, according to the book, when night comes, stop for a moment and think: “What a good day”.

3. Psychedelic Drug:

Psychedelic Drug

The use of psychedelic drug microdoses is a fairly recent concept. It was popularized by an expert doctor of psychology and researcher of psychedelic drugs, around 2010. This author dedicated himself to collecting testimonies from people who have experimented with periodic microdoses of LSD and psilocybin, a chemical that appears naturally in various mushroom species. Thus, this drug also has various benefits that can affect your health in good terms.

4. Ayahuasca:


Ayahuasca is a drug used by the tribes of the Amazon rainforest, obtained from the mixture of various plants such as Banisteriopsis caapi vine. Regarding this substance, there is a study published in Current Drug Abuse Reviews it states that it could be used as a treatment for addictions and dependence. In this research, all participants obtained positive and lasting results, significantly reducing the use of drugs such as cocaine, alcohol or tobacco. Likewise, another study published recently in bioactive has also linked the use of ayahuasca with the improvement of depression.

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5. Ketamine:


Ketamine, whose official use is only as an anesthetic as approved by the US FDA, is also often used to treat both acute and chronic pain due to its high sedative power. However, a study published in the journal Science last year demonstrated the potential of ketamine as a potential treatment against depression. However, the long-term effects of taking this drug for this purpose are unknown, since during the study it was detected that ketamine had immediate and short-term effects. Finally, in a study carried out by a renowned University, it was discovered that there exists a new side effect of this substance: an excessive deterioration of the bladder along with many other health benefits.

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