Top 5 Hollywood Horror Movies You Must Watch


Hollywood movies are just like an energy booster for the youth and when things come to horror genre then excitement becomes double. The pasteurizations are done at horror locations and audience gets scared.

Everyone knows things become scary after horror movies but they always prefer it to see such amazing movies to their entertainment on. In the same series here we are mentioning the list of best 5 Hollywood horror movies that you must watch. Hence if you are fond of horror movies then do not miss the content because we have researched a lot and you will not be disappointed for sure.

List of Top 5 Hollywood Horror Movies:

1. The Ring

The Ring - Hollywood Horror Movie You Must Watch

The horror effects of the movie will keep the mind engaging. The story revolves around the journalist who investigates some mysterious things. Excitement will come when you start watching the same.

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2. The Grudge

The Grudge - Hollywood Horror Movie You Must Watch

Here the horror concepts are designed around an American nurse who works in Tokyo. Some supernatural happenings come after an accident. Watch movie to know more.

3. Shutter

Shutter - Hollywood Horror Movie You Must Watch

The story line is about a couple who is getting disturbed due to scary things. You will get a chance to see various mysterious things.

4. Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell - Hollywood Horror Movie You Must Watch

Almost most of us know about this movie in which a loan officer evicts a old woman because of having some unnatural curse.

5. Apartment

Apartment - Hollywood Horror Movie You Must Watch

After settling in a new house, couple faces plenty of scary happening and the flat was haunted. To know more you should immediately check out the movie.

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