7 Outstanding Features of a Virtual Call Center or VCC


Virtual call centers are very popular nowadays. It is very helpful for all sizes of businesses and many features also.

7 Features of a Virtual Call Center

1. Management Functions for Businesses

  1. Project and Database Management: Actual project configuration and loss and profit statement option with ideal work circulation. Also provide a customizable database for every project. Easy import and export option from MS Excel.
  2. User Management: Different user roles, with easy creation and modification options.
  3. Script Management: Systematically structured forms and effective questionnaires.
  4. Quality Control Management: Separate rating system for every operator call, allowing for continual service improvement.

2. Fields of Application

Managing Inbound and Outbound Calls:

Inbound Virtual Call Center: Smart predictive dialer permits executives to reach customers quickly. Capacity of large numbers of calls, SMS, automated email and more functionality can be handled efficiently.

Outbound Virtual Call Center: It runs and gives a high quality customer service with IVR, ACD, virtual queue and SBR features. All calls immediately routed to the suitable calling operator.

Virtual call center Lives’ call distribution system has functionality to handle inbound and outbound call distribution in the most efficient way.

3. Contact Center Functions

  1. Voice: High-quality digital VoIP lines guarantee very good voice quality and no call drop throughout business calls.
  2. Email: Thanks for connecting, coming soon and more automated email on the outcome of a call.
  3. SMS: Send customized text messages to the customer at the end of each call.

4. Conversation Management

  1. Voice Recording: Conversations between operators and customers are recorded on separate voice tracks which can be given a unique name. It contains any call-related data.
  2. Real Time Listening: Real time calls listing, supervising, monitoring and joining in.
  3. Voice File Storage and Download: The recorded conversation can be stored and it can be downloaded at any time based on the file size.
  4. Voice Archiving Software: Recorded conversations can be downloaded and archived regularly with the help of separate software.

5. Telecommunication Services

  1. International Lines and Phone Numbers: VCC Live’s telecommunication services provide the system at affordable rates to their customers. These customers can receive phone calls via local numbers in over 150 countries. Also provide toll-free, local rate, high rate numbers and unique dialing prefixes.
  2. SIP connectivity: Using SIP protocol, VCC Live’s system can be integrated with other PBXs and telecommunication providers.

6. Reports and Statements

  1. Monitoring Operator Activities: Customized report with variable data and structures.
  2. Real Time Call Statistics: Monitoring of outbound, inbound calls, calls in IVR or queues and also dialer status. All system activity is visible.
  3. Detailed Call Logs: Customized report, statistic and chart which can be helped to monitor calls. The most important data is displayed on wallboards.
  4. Mass Exports: Results of operator groups working in parallel on multiple projects can be extracted using mass export.

7. Data Security and Data Protection

  1. High-Security Data Storage: All data is stored on multiple servers to prevent data loss. Data can be restored even if the storage device is damaged.
  2. Encrypted Communication: The system and stored data are protected by a regularly updated restrictive firewall. Communication between the software and the securely-guarded central system communication connection is encrypted (SIP TLS, sRTP, SSL).
  3. Multi-Level User Right Management: Clients can define precisely what kind of data can be accessed, by whom and from where. For sensitive data (customer data, voice recordings) a separate reporting interface is available, where access is recorded. Customized password regulations for all security levels can be created.
  4. Physical Protection: The hardware supporting VCC Live’s solution is located in a high-SLA and ISO 27001-certified T-Systems (Deutsche Telecom) Dataplex data center, where physical protection is provided, together with a highly strict pass system, dry fire protection and closed-circuit video surveillance.