Things Banned By UK Government

Any government is made to keep the nation and happy. To maintain the some laws are made that should be respected and followed by the citizens in order to live a comfortable life. Here a research is made about the things that are banned by Government of UK. Hence if you are the one who lives in UK or looking to shift over their then you must know about these things.

List of Banned Things Banned in UK

Illegal Drugs & Offensive Weapons: Carrying such type of materials in not allowed as per the law of UK and if someone is caught doing the same then there are provisions of punishment that shall get implemented on the criminal.

Illegal Drugs & Offensive Weapons - Banned By UK Government

Body Shaming Ads on Public Transport: As per UK Government such kind of advertisement is not allowed. Once the same was done in which a woman has advertised weight loss pills and it was revoked when the mayor Sadiq Khan has incorporated the law of banning such ads.

Body Shaming Ads on Public Transport - Banned By UK Government

Microbeads: The UK Government has taken a step to ban microbeads. The beads are small dots that everyone sees on face-wash soaps. It is not beneficial to use such material hence the statement of banning such product is announced by UK Government.

Microbeads - Banned By UK Government

Rough Diamonds: Rough Diamonds are also banned in UK.

Rough Diamonds - Banned By UK Government

Self Defense Sprays: UK also banned the self defense sprays like pepper spray and CS Gas.

Self Defense Sprays - Banned By UK Government