GiraCoin: A Fastest Growing Swiss Cryptocurrency

It seems that companies based on cryptocurrencies continue to give no truce and want to get on the wave as of place, especially because of the great popularity and success that Bitcoin has had. The problem is that one cannot launch a coin and simply say that it will be successful and will be accepted by the rest of the world, this is given by supply and demand and above all by the utility it has, Bitcoin has based its success in its disconnection from the banking system, but still suffers its ups and downs and yes, it is a very attractive instrument, but also very risky.

In this case GiraCoin, which presumes to be the new cryptocurrency that gives the opportunity to everyone to participate in its creation in exchange for a “small” amount.

Giracoin – A Swiss Cryptocurrency Came in the Crypto World

What is GiraCoin?

GiraCoin claims to be the fastest growing Swiss cryptocurrency in the world. Supposedly very different from other cryptocurrencies in the market, its better technology of extraction process, make GiraCoin turn the masses as an investment instrument, even and above all to those who have no experience in cryptocurrencies.

GiraCoin is managed by Gira Financial Group AG and is marketed under the MLM or multi-level scheme.

It should be noted that Giracoin is not the only cryptocurrency trying to cover the market under the promotion with MLM scheme, in fact, there are already others and many are mere scams.

Under the farce of saying that word of mouth marketing works better than it is cheaper and that advertising savings are given to those who recommend, they submit to future victims believing that they have taken out the big lottery ticket and that with the acquisition of digital currencies, they will access very high yields and with that they will become millionaires overnight.

What does GiraCoin Offer as a Product?

GiraCoin is based on MLM marketing of digital currencies, so you do not really have a product to sell at retail, you cannot sell digital currencies that nobody accepts yet. Being the affiliation of new members the only form of sales.

How do You Earn Money on GiraCoin?

Supposedly the idea and the main way to make money with Giracoins or what should be is this:

You choose a starting package, and you choose the “mining power”, depending on the degree of mining power is what it will cost you and it is the number of Tokens that you will get, the more power and tokens, the more coins you go to be able to mine and obtain since according to them, from the mining process, you do not have to know anything, you just have to pay and expect yields.

Well, once the package is chosen in the future, you will get your returns when the tokens become the GiraCoin and these increase their value. Obviously, the faster you make the decision and acquire your Tokens package better. The Tokens are the rough Giracoin before being mined.

4 Compensation Plans of GiraCoin

GiraCoin offers a multi-level compensation plan. Although this type of compensation plan is relatively healthy for an MLM balance between direct sales and Multilevel, Giracoin does not really lend itself to selling directly, leaving as the only option the affiliation of new people to the organization.

1. Direct Bonus:

For each package sold to a new affiliate you are given 10% of the value of the package.

2. Level Bonus:

You can earn from the affiliates that your direct line adheres, the bonus per level is based on the Sales Volume. Everything depends on the package you purchased from the beginning, if you acquired the most basic you only access the second level and if you purchased the most expensive, you can access bonus level 20.

3. Affiliate Bonus:

Percentage on the daily sale of your team, the more packages you sell, the more percentage you have.

4. Ambassador Bonus:

As every MLM has its super bonus for growing your organization and giving you ranges, an Ambassador Bonus is acquired through the growth of your team and by having ranks below you.