How to Download Presentation of Google Slides in the Form of a Video File


Do you know there is a provision of downloading a Google Slide presentation as a video file? If not then follow the mentioned content, as it will help you a lot. Microsoft power-point presentation is very much flexible and users get the provision to convert their presentation into high-resolution videos which can be uploaded on social platforms like YouTube etc… It also extracts the embedded voice of the presentation. On the contrary, Google slides do not have such provisions and now there is an add-on that facilitates the conversion of presentation into a video file. It is known as Creator Studio. It allows users to save their presentations in various formats like GIFs, HD Videos etc…

Google Slides

How to Download Google Slides Presentation in the Form of Various File Format?

Go to the link of in order to initialize the process and install the add-on of Google Slides. Certain permission will be asked for access from the security point of view. Once all granted, the exported files will automatically get uploaded on the Google drive at the end.

Presentation of Google Slides in the form of a Video File

After installing the suggested add-on, go to any deck which is placed under Google slide. It should have at least 2 slides. After that, the user should click on the add-on menu and select the option of Creator Studio. A sidebar will get opened.

The system will ask for the specific size in the pixels and it will be automatically calculated by the Creator Studio by maintaining the aspect ratio. Now the option to set the time interval will appear and the user has to set the same.

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Once all these parameters are set, the user will be able to download the file in various formats.

Google Slides in the form of a Video File
  • GIF Image
  • MP4 Video
  • Video Along with Audio
  • Image Sequence

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