How to Unpublish Google Business Website?


Google business website is most popular in the digital world because anybody can develop a free website using Google map without any coding skill. But sometimes under any circumstances you need to remove or unpublish the Google business website. So, if you want to unpublish Google business website, just follow the steps for the same.

Steps to Unpublish Google Business Website

Step 1: Enter URL ( to your browser and click on sign in button.

Go to Google My Business - Unpublish Google Business Website

Step 2: Sign in to your account which is used in making a Google business website.

Sign in to Your Account - Unpublish Google Business Website

Step 3: After logged in, click on the website menu from the left sidebar.

Click on Website Menu - Unpublish Google Business Website

Step 4: Select “more” option situated in the customization window.

Select More Option - Unpublish Google Business Website

Step 5: Now click on “unpublish website” option.

Click On Unpublish Website - Unpublish Google Business Website

After clicking on the unpublish website tab your Google business website will go in draft mode and no more live on online. You can also republish it anytime.

Republish Google Business Website

Top 4 Reasons for Unpublishing Google Business Website

  1. Closing a business
  2. Rebranding or relocate business
  3. Changing a business, products or services
  4. Discontinue products or services