Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Strategies to Drive Huge Web Traffic on Your Website


The SMO or Social Media Optimization is all the actions that are carried out in social media in favor of a digital marketing strategy.

Here we want to tell you how you can achieve the optimization of these means to meet marketing and communication objectives set in the digital marketing plan.

Something More about Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The SMO is simply the process of optimizing the content on social networks, from the creation of the same, time of publication, public to whom you address, to the advertising campaigns you wish to make on social networks.

So in general, it is a form of SEO but aimed at increasing brand recognition, referring traffic to the website, generating new sales opportunities, increasing profits and more, from social networks.

Currently, SMO strategies allow companies to create content on their own sites (Facebook fan page, Twitter account, corporate blog, discussion groups in professional networks).

Benefits of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

There are great benefits of using potential SMO strategies for our brand, measures that will bring us closer to the user and build recognition of the business before the communities and groups of potential clients.


Making use of social networks to promote their own publications or promotions of services allows the user to share such content in social networks, emails, blogs, links, with his followers, acquaintances or relatives.


Managing social networks, we can distribute the content in different media: Tweets on Twitter, social bookmarking, blogs, forums, Facebook posts and more.


Through social networks, you can know who are the potential customers of your brand and also recognize those who have become promoters of it. In this way, you can implement new strategies for customer loyalty and reward those who help you to spread the content, increase brand awareness and increase followers.


Another benefit of the implementation of SMO for your business is the adaptation of the content to other formats, presentations, and styles to reach a wider audience.

That will create a variety of ways to show the same content and make your brand look as versatile as it is professional. Using the variety of ways to show content on social networks you will become a recognized advisor to potential users of your business.

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Social Media Optimization – Strategies to Drive Huge Web Traffic on Your Website

Use Profiles on Social Networks to Share Content that is Relevant to Your Audience

In any case, it should be taken into account that Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms are an ephemeral medium. For that reason, you should not limit yourself to share content once, rather the opposite, although leaving a certain margin of time between publication and publication and varying the time and day of updates to increase the chances of reaching more Internet users.

Encourage Users to Viral Your Publications

Your followers are the best support when it comes to increasing the dissemination of content. From there, the importance of making it easy is born, adding the buttons of the main social networks to your articles, infographics, ebooks or videos.

Identify and Take Care of the Most Loyal Users and Influencers

It is just enough to send them a personalized private message or mention them in your posts that will help them to remain active in your community.

Establish a Strategy with Clear Objectives and the Roadmap to Achieve Them

Always before drawing a plan of action, it is necessary to stop and think about what you want to achieve:

  1. Increase the number of fans?
  2. Achieve a greater interaction in our publications?
  3. Position yourself as experts in a certain subject?

After deciding the goal, start the first posting on social networking sites.