Freedom Fighter of Argentina who Fought for Independence

Argentina has been widely known for its world-famous soccer team, food, and rich culture. But one must not forget why today this country is independent and democratic. Who was the one that has given their greatest part in the freedom of Argentina?

Let’s have a look over those freedom fighters of Argentina:

Francisco Solano López:

Francisco Solano López

Francisco Solano López was a Paraguayan politician. He was born on July 24, 1826, in Asunción (Paraguay). He entered the army very young and in 1845.

He was already a colonel, a year later he was appointed commander of the expeditionary body when the Alliance signed by Paraguay with the province of Corrientes by the treaty of November 2, 1845, determined military aid. He was a part of the Triple Alliance war (1865-1870) against Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The country was devastated during the contest and died more than half of its population. On February 14, 1870, he was wounded by a throw in the lower belly and sable in the forehead. Auxiliary arrives on the banks of the Aquidabán River, and General Correa da Cámara, intimates him to surrender. He beat until the end and according to his account his last sentence was:

I die for the country

Che Guevara (Ernesto Guevara):

Che Guevara [Ernesto Guevara]

Together with Fidel Castro, whose movement he joined in 1956, he was one of the main architects of the triumph of the Cuban revolution (1959). He then held positions of great relevance in the new regime.

But, dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness of the offices and faithful to his purpose of extending the revolution to other Latin American countries, in 1966 he resumed his guerrilla activity in Bolivia, where he would be captured and executed a year later.

Given his life in the fight against imperialism and dictatorship, Che Guevara became the greatest revolutionary myth of the twentieth century.

José Fernando de Abascal and Sousa:

José Fernando de Abascal and Sousa

José Fernando de Abascal and Sousa, XXXVIII viceroy of Peru. He became Marquis of Concord and knight of the Order of Santiago. From an early age, he completed a military career distinction that led him to participate in successive missions in America. It was first destined to the garrison of Puerto Rico (1767).

After intervening in the expedition led to Montevideo by Pedro Cevallos (1776), and later it was found on the island of Santo Domingo (1781).

He served as deputy general of the principality of Asturias before the courts. By the royal office of 1812, he obtained the title of Marquis of the Spanish Concord of Peru. He was united in marriage with Mrs. Maria de la Merced de Asencio O’Ryan. Finally, his life was extinguished in Madrid on July 30, 1821, at 78 years of age.

General José María Paz:

General José María Paz

José María Paz, a military and political career, dies at the age of 63, one of the greatest strategies that actively participated in the Civil Wars of Argentina and others such as the War with Brazil. As a politician, he served as the governor of his home province of Córdoba from April 19, 1829, until May 16, 1831, as well as an interim in the government of Entre Ríos.