Top 4 Freedom Fighters of Japan: Japanese Freedom Fighters


Many Japanese freedom fighters have been known for their brave actions. Those heroes are as follows:

1. Master Koshiro Tanaka

Master Koshiro Tanaka - Freedom Fighters of Japan

Master Koshiro Tanaka is the founder of Hiko Ryu Taijutsu, a Martial Art that has influences from Masters such as Fujito Koga (Fuji Ryu Taijutsu), Hoken Inoue (Shinwa Taido) and Morihei Ueshiba (Aikido).

This renowned Japanese Master is nicknamed the “Afghan Samurai” for his tireless fight with Mujahideen against the Soviets. Koshiro Tanaka’s actions in the war will never be considered corrected by the government of Japan, so as an anecdote it is known that Tanaka will always face an extra grenade since he would rather die before being captured and embarrass his country.

2. Hiroo Onoda

Hiroo Onoda - Freedom Fighters of Japan

Hiroo Onoda was termed to be a soldier who had been penultimate and hidden in the jungle as he believed that there was no end to World War II. In 1974, there was someone in the commandership above him during his hiding game in the forest.

That commander had given him strict orders to lay down his weapons and then the war of Onoda’s matter came to an end. This Japanese soldier had tried to hide in the jungles of the Philippine for near about 30 years as he had thought that world war was a never-ending situation.

3. Yoshijiro Umezu

Yoshijiro Umezu - Freedom Fighters of Japan

He was born on the 4th of January in 1949. He became the Chief of the Japanese Imperial Army staff during the time frame of 1 year in 1944. Before that, during the 1920s, he was appointed as a member of Tosei-Ha which was known to be a control group having a leader as General Kazushige Ugaki and many other renowned leaders too.

When Umezu was appointed as a member of the supreme war council during 1944, he made an opposition and surrender in August 1945.

There were four conditions in which he was putted, It was the disarmament of the opposition military party owned by authorities of no place but Japan, Making judgment about the criminals which came through the authorities of Japan, thinking about the employment and occupation source of the citizen in Japan and Preserving the regime of the Emperor of the city during the imperial regime.

4. Shoichi Yokoi

Shoichi Yokoi - Freedom Fighters of Japan

In 1941, a Japanese seamstress apprentice named Shoichi Yokoi was recruited to serve in the army. Yokoi, who was then preparing to get married in a marriage arranged by his family, delayed the plans until he returned from Manchuria, where he had been assigned for a year, and then would fulfill the family promise. But in December of that year, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and Yokoi’s service became permanent.

In 1943 he was sent to the front when Japan invaded the Mariana Islands and his fiancée would never hear from him again. The stranger stopped immediately, fell to his knees and immediately began to pray.

But everything was a trick. When Duenas was one step away from him, the man jumped into the rifle but the little energy he had were not enough to get the weapon. Without problems, the two hunters subjected him and tied his hands on his back.

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