List of Sudanese Freedom Fighters | Leaders of Sudan


Sudan has been always in some of the other news for its active life that the citizens are equipped with. Today Sudanese are living in peace only because of their army who are protecting them from enemies.

Let’s check out some of the renowned freedom fighters of Sudan:

Gaafar al-Nimeiri:

Gaafar al-Nimeiri

Sudanese ex-president Gaafar al-Nimeiri, in power from 1969 to 1985, died Saturday at the age of 79 of a long illness, the presidency announced in a message on national television.

The death of Gaafar al-Nimeiri came almost 40 years to the day after he came to power on May 25, 1969, in the wake of a military coup against the regime of President Ismail Azhari.

Formed in a military school in the United States in the mid-1960s, Nimeiri nevertheless carried out his coup with the support of the frank socialists and the Communist Party with which he entered into open struggle a few years later.

In 1972, he put an end to the first civil war between the two opposite pole directions i.e. North and the South poles. This division led to the partition of the African continent. Africa has been divided into different ethnicities and cultural group which are mainly Muslims and Christians.

Ahmed al-Mirghani:

Ahmed al-Mirghani

He was born in August at the 16th day in 1941. His birthplace was Khartoum and then he died in November. He was appointed as the president of Sudan in the second election.

His workmanship for president was for about 2 months. He is known to be a descendant of the family which was related to Mirghani and he was also the grandson of the renowned Muhammad Othman al-Mirghani Al-Khatim.

His studies were conducted in London during the college days and then later he became an important figure in the transitional civilian government of Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab.

During his presidency, he was at the initiative of a historic peace agreement signed in November 1988 and negotiated by the DUP and the MPLS in Addis Ababa. The entire nation supported this agreement except the National Islamic Front led by Hassan al-Turabi.

Dr. Al-Jazuli Daf’allah:

Dr. Al-Jazuli Daf'allah

He graduated from Khartoum University medical faculty in 1959 and he was also appointed as ahead of the Sudanese Medical Association. He was known to be the 11th on the list of the Prime Ministers of Sudan.

His workmanship lasted nearly around 1 or 2 years. He had also entered into the military department which was under the Sudanese government.

He was the 11th Prime Minister of Sudan from April 22, 1985, to May 6, 1986.[3] After participating in the 1985 Sudanese coup d’état that deposed the government of Gaafar Nimeiry, he joined the military government of Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab as prime minister.

He resigned from the post after the 1986 Sudanese parliamentary election and was succeeded by Sadiq al-Mahdi. His contribution to the Sudanese history will always be remembered throughout the time. There is a greater vision that he has provided to the country.