List of Top Freedom Fighters of Mexico

Mexico is a country who has always strived hard for the freedom of their country. Here are some of the very brave freedom fighters of the country:

1. Emiliano Zapata

Emiliano Zapata - Freedom Fighters of Mexico

Emiliano Zapata, defender of the lands, 96 years after his death He fought against the government of Victoriano Huerta (1850-1916) in agreement with Francisco Villa (1878-1923) with whom he formed the Liberating Army of the South, when the division between Carranza and Villa took place, with the army entering Mexico City, in November 1911.

In 1906 he arrived in Cuautla to a meeting in which he proposed to defend the rights and lands of the peasants against the Porfirista regime. In 1908 he joined the ninth Regiment for Cuernavaca, however, he only spent six months as a soldier, since Ignacio de la Torre (1866-1918) invited him to be a horseman in Mexico City.

2. Aurelian Blanquet

Aurelian Blanquet - Freedom Fighters of Mexico

Aureliano Blanquet was a Mexican military man, a Porfirist who fights Madero and apprehends him during the Tragic Decade. Victoriano Huerta promoted him to General of Division and after Minister of War and Navy from June 13, 1913, to July 10, 1914. In 1914 he went into exile in Cuba.

He returns in 1918 to combat the government of Venustiano Carranza and dies when he is persecuted. He was the first captain during the Caste War. His hatred for revolutionaries manifested since mid-1911 in Puebla.

In 1913 he had a direct and fundamental intervention in the Tragic Decade, apprehending Francisco I. Madero, which earned him to appear in the second cabinet of Victoriano Huerta as Secretary of War and Navy. His military career was carried out by a rigorous ladder and in 1913 he reached the cusp when he obtained the rank of general of division.

Discovered and persecuted by General Guadalupe Sánchez, he died after falling into the Chavaxtla Canyon, on April 15, 1918, a few days after starting his counterrevolutionary campaign.

3. Juan Nepomuceno Almonte

Juan Nepomuceno Almonte - Freedom Fighters of Mexico

Juan Nepomuceno Almonte was born on May 15, 1803, in the province of Valladolid, today the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Son of Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, activist and revolutionary priest, and Brigida Almonte.

He had a certain mother’s last name since priests were forbidden to have children. He fought with his father in some clashes in the Mexican War of Independence. In 1815 he was sent by his father to New Orleans to study, where he learned English and French and will depend on a store.

That same year he learned of his father’s execution. He returned to the country to know the completion of the Independence of Mexico in 1821 with the signing of the Plan of Iguala. He was sent to South America and England as a diplomat.

He holds the position of Mexican Ambassador to the US, Minister of Finance and Minister of War and Navy up to three times, creating light infantry and the commission of military statistics.

Imprisoned in the Tehuacan barracks by refusing to be banished by the signing of the Tacubaya Bases, where he determined the street lighting and a reading cabinet. He helped Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in the Texas War of Independence.

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