The Most Reliable Mac Apps You Must Use

Below mentioned are the most reliable Mac Apps which must be in your MAC operating system. The presence of the below-mentioned applications will lead to better productivity as a whole. The collection of best Mac apps are created by third parties and available free of cost. Get to know the worth of these apps as mentioned.

1. Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle is a kind of download manager for the Mac-based systems and it divides the files into multiple parts altogether which provides a fast downloading process. It has the provision to pause and resume the downloading process as well. One should have the application for faster downloads.

2. Toggl


Mac system has the provision for the tracking of time which gets appear at the status bar after the installation. One can simply add the hashtags in order to keep the record of working hours. Hence to keep the track record of the work the users should install the Toggl applications.

3. Site Sucker

Site Sucker

One of the most amazing applications of Mac called site sucker which allows the download of the website along with the images and added PDF Files. After downloading, the mirror image of the online website can be opened in the offline mode.

4. Quick Cast

Quick Cast

Through the use of Quick Cast application, users can record the screens in the format of video and the downloaded file will get stored. The video will also contain the clicks of the mouse. The captured video can get published online for the public view as well.

5. MuteMyMic


The application allows the users to manage the sound level of the system. Users will be able to reduce or mute the mic from the menu bar of the screen. Management of sound level while watching any video, chatty, and listening to music becomes easier.

6. Onyx


To manage the maintenance tasks of the system the mentioned application can be used. It helps in getting access to hidden settings along with the configuration of system-based applications like Finder, Dock, and Spotlight. The alternative for this application is TinkerTool which also supports the Mac-based systems.

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