Mob Lynching in India

Do you understand the meaning of Mob Lynching? If no, then follow the blog because this is a kind of crime in which a person who is or is not be accused, get punished by following the unethical process. India is having a well-structured law and order, but people are ignoring the same in the hindrance of the Mob Lynching which is of course not a positive sign for the society.

Mob Lynching

What is Mob Lynching?

Mob Lynching, basically lynch/lynching means to punish a person or group of persons, in-crowd by forgetting all the rules and regulation of the society because people know as per the constitution, you cannot punish a crowd for some unethical activities in the society. From the increase in the number of such cases, it is well understood that people are taking undue advantage of the same. We are living in a world where we talk about the robots, powerful fighter planes, 5th generation SIM cards, voice sensor television screens etc… and here the deeds like Mob Lynching are happening which is really a matter of curse for any nation. They are just spoiling all the growth and peace of the place and spreading wrong messages in society. One does, then another person copies the same and in these ways, things like Mob Lynching is getting increased.

Mob Lynching Cases in India

In 2015, there was a case of Mob Lynching which has screwed the mind of the whole of India. It is commonly called as Dadri Mob Lynching. We all are aware and afraid of Dadri Mob Lynching case in which a mob of villagers attacked at the home of old Muslim man Mohammed Akhlaq whose age was 52 years and killed him. The incident has taken place at Bisara village of Dadri of Uttar Pradesh on 28th September 2015.

Another recent case of July 2019, in which 100 men came in Trucks and attacked at the people of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh for 100 acres of land. Families are still crying and they will not even get justice for the cause which is really a condition where we literally blame the Government and administration.

Wake Up guys!!! Abolish Such Activities

These are the known cases at large scale but almost on a daily basis, we heard about Mob Lynching activities at New Channels. It is shameful for all of us because where we are living, that needs to be protected in a proper manner. People should be able to survive happily without any threat. We all should pledge to help the people who are in trouble and inform the protection forces on immediate basis if you find anything doubtful.

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