World’s Top 10 Biggest Scandals

Talking on a global level, till the date there are have recorded many major scandals who affected huge pollution at a particular location. Let us know more about them, and get to know how that scandal took place.

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Top 10 Biggest Scandals of the World Are As Below:

1. Scan Sport:

Scan Sport Fifa

After FIFA, the International Federation of Athletics is hit hard by a corruption scandal. Back to these “earthquakes” that have forever scratched the history of the sport.

2. Ben Johnson, The Stolen World Record:

Ben Johnson, The Stolen World Record

An incredible performance that, unfortunately, would give birth to one of the first major doping scandals, Johnson being tested positive for anabolic steroids three days later. Dismissed from his Olympic title and his record, the Canadian becomes the shame of Olympism.

3. Pope Francis:

Pope Francis

The credibility of the Church has been severely stained for two decades by large-scale scandals in Chile, the United States, Ireland, Germany etc… The investigations, the reports pile up, hundreds of victims speak. The French clergy is particularly affected, through Cardinal Barbarin, tried this year, or Pierre Pican, in 2001, first bishop sentenced in the country.

4. The National Bank Scandal at New York:

The National Bank Scandal at New York

The information filters: in four days, 200,000 Triangle shares change hands. Relatives of power and bosses of large groups will be sentenced for insider trading. The scandal was splashed to the second term of François Mitterrand. The nationalized bank is almost bankrupt.

5. Biggest French Political and Financial Scandal:

Biggest French Political and Financial Scandal

Eva Joly uncovered an impressive network of trafficking in influences, corruption, and embezzlement involving the leaders of the oil group), Left-wing politicians (Roland Dumas), and right-wing politicians (Charles Pasqua).

6. Fraud in Finance in Mexico:

Fraud in Finance in Mexico

If Wall Street did not have enough headaches, it had been shaken and declared as the biggest fraud in Mexican History. One of the most talked people in this scandal was Bernard L. Madoff. He made a fraud of funds about 50,000 million dollars which are known to be completely lost. 

7. Nirav Modi: Fraud Jeweler Who Looted the Bank in India

Nirav Modi

India has been stunned after learning that the National Bank of Punjab (GNP), the second-largest bank in the country, has seen how it ran out of 1,770 million dollars in a fraud allegedly warped by a famous diamond merchant and two Company employees.

8. The Scandal of Irangate Carried Out by the US:

Irangate Carried Out by the US

The United States was following in the war between Iran and Iraq and that both countries needed to be weakened enough not to become the hegemonic power of the area.

9. Bribe Took by A Construction Company in Brazil:


There was a recorded case where a construction company named Odebrecht was found on bribing the managers all around the world. Many newspaper heads and magazine heads have published an article along with making acquisitions on this construction company along with a few other charges found in this case.

10. AIG Company Scandal in the US:

AIG Company

The insurance company has been recorded for making a fraud of around 100 billion in total. It had various sections like retirement, mutual funds, investment, installments, etc…

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