Enemy Countries of The World

Which countries are enemies and allied problems in one of the wolverines of the planet? Saudi Arabia says Iran supports Houthis with weapons and logistic support. Both countries maintain a dispute to establish regional hegemony. This starts from geopolitical, economic and religious reasons. The USA has also taken sides in this war.

Effects On World Due to These Countries:

Taking advantage of Saudi’s Government going through several problems, the Houthis took the province of Saada in the north. Many Yemeni ended up supporting them and finally, the rebels took the capital Sanaa in early years.

There are many more countries that have been recently the most talked countries being on the top list of enemy countries.

In this list, many countries belong to the Middle East as they believe in Jihad and make nuisance in the world. It is disappointing to see how they have been grown up with such shameful mentality to spread terrorism.

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You cannot blame them but certainly the society for their upbringing and instigation being spread around them. Saudi being the most talked country and you should know a few facts about it.

Saudi’s Black Side:


Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, has been going through a bloody war that seems endless. This situation has generated that at least 22 million people need humanitarian aid and that about 2 million people have had to leave their home because of the conflict.

Amnesty International figures, at least 394,000 children under 5 suffer from malnutrition. The numbers increase over time. Those affected remain in the middle of a crossfire that deprives them of quality education and health.

Taking advantage of Saudi’s Government going through these problems, many other states have also taken advantages of this point and keep on throwing stones of words on this country. It is similar to blaming the entire communities because of a small group who are the actual person.



This country was known for having an innocent community residing in the villages and desert areas. These are also known because of joining Talibani and spreading terrorism.



This country has been also recently known for the decision of taking it into the blacklist because of its increased terrorist activities.

Many renowned terrorists in this country have been known to spread terrorism and its strict training through-out the countries. Many countries have been taking strict actions on making it stop such terror activities and production of such communities.

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