President Donald Trump: One of the Powerful Political Leaders in the World

We all know very well, the very famous and renowned President. Donald Trump is one of the most talked politicians and celebrities. Donald Trump was elected as the President of the USA and got this golden chance on 8th November 2015. He is one of the known billionaire business faces in the entire America. He has been known for his smartness and sharp business skills which one can also see it be reflecting in the world of politics.

Past Events in Trump’s Life

Donald John Trump was born on 14th June 1946 in the downtown borough of Queens. He is the fourth child among all 5 belonging to Fred Trump, father of Donald Trump. Her mother Mary MacLeod Trump and she was a housewife of a very rich builder. They both belonged and were having the origin from Europe.

After schooling, Trump completed his graduation in Military Academy where he also serviced the academy as an intern in 1964. Also while doing his further studies in 1968. He graduated in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He attained good knowledge to succeed his father at the correct age and time. He carried forward his father’s business and started with the middle-class rental apartments in Neighbourhoods of New York and Brooklyn.

After 1970, he renamed and replaced his father’s company “Trump Organization” totally in his accountability. Also, he decided to shift in Manhattan to earn fame with investing and developing some glamorous projects. He also did self-promotions and became the most talked celebrity face that was always in the headlines for his controversies.

In 1977, Donald Trump took a step forward to get married and have children. He married Ivana Zelnickova Winklmayr, a fashion model who was also an international skiing expert. They had three children, Junior Donald Trump, Ivanka, and Eric. Later, he got divorce and got married to Marla Maples in 1997.

Despite the second marriage, he took the divorce for the second time and then married Melania Knauss. He also had a stepson named Barron William.

In 2015, keeping all his personal relationships away from work, Trump decided to take a step forward, entering in politics by becoming a candidate of the US election, and with his witty answers and good debatable capabilities, he was selected for the further nomination. Rest all is known to everybody, the history of him becoming the President of the United States is still recorded to be the most unpredictable event.

Changes Made Under Trump’s Presidency

On 20th January 2017, Trump swore that he will be utilizing the Presidency with honesty on the Capitol steps in Washington. He took the oath before the president of the Supreme Court.

He is known as the 45th president of the US, who is the richest and oldest president till now also having experience of military and government services. He made world ruling decisions which also included some non-acceptance about the international scientific research on climate change. Under his Presidency, the withdrawal of the USA happened in the case of the Paris agreement.

The implication of getting a boundary wall constructed between Mexico and the United States provinces happened to come in action only under his leadership. This prevented a lot of illegal activities from immigrants from both the countries to cross borders. There was totally a ban on giving VISA / green card to the Muslim citizens of other countries who tried to enter in the US.

In the ending time of 2017, he also implemented a lot of imposed duties on Creating tensions and the cold war between Europe and China. The most happening and latest event occurred was his meeting with the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore where he made a remarkable agreement which provides abandonment of nuclear weapons.

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Thus, in the regime of President Trump, one can see America totally on a different platform from where it was 20 years before.