Top 4 Greatest Freedom Fighters of Pakistan


In the history of Pakistan, there were different types of struggle stories which were being faced by many people during the making of the subcontinent. But the contribution of brave soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom of Pakistan has always been talked by the citizens. Their bravery will always be remembered on record.

Let us look at the renowned freedom fighters of Pakistan:

1. Shaheed (Martyr) Tufail Mohammed

Shaheed (Martyr) Tufail Mohammed - Freedom Fighters of Pakistan

Tufail Mohammed was accounted as Major by Pakistani Army and he also ran a company of Riffles and weapons in East Pakistan. This company had also equipped the very conspiring post of India which was a fraud and built to spread violation.

This is early August 1958, where he was been dreaded by the Indian attackers. He did not stop fighting until the end and was seriously wounded. He finally made the Indian attackers lose in front of him, but this resulted in him being Shaheed (Martyr) for this country.

2. Shaheed Raja Batti:

Shaheed Raja Batti - Freedom Fighters of Pakistan

Originally known as Raja Aziz Bhatti, he was a great martyr of Pakistani History. He was known for giving his contribution to running a company in the province of Lahore, Punjab.

He was the one who leads the defense force at the very renowned BRB linked Canal. This war was dreadful and cruel. Tanks were being fired which lead it to continue burning for 5 days.

But this did not affect Raja Aziz and he fought with all attackers bravely. Unfortunately, the shell of an empty tank hit him badly during the artillery fire which was lead by him. This was his contribution to the freedom of Pakistan.

3. Shaheed Minhas Rashid:

Shaheed Minhas Rashid - Freedom Fighters of Pakistan

Minhas Rashid was a decorated Pilot Officer of Pakistan Air Force. He was known for his contribution to the Liberation War in Bangladesh in 1971.

His service and the unit number was 2 Fighter Conversion Unit. During the time of War in 1971, he was getting ready to take off for a flight and began on the runway.

But suddenly his fellow Instructor hit him and pushed to throw him away from the rear cockpit. The instructor took his command and then moved the aircraft to India. Minhas Rashid was seriously injured and wounded, but even with no strength, he tried to make it and fight with the instructor.

After a while, he took the command and made the plane crash on a piece of land. So in this way, he saved the lives of many by crashing the plane which also resulted in his death.

4. Shaheed Rana Shabbir Sharif:

Shaheed Rana Shabbir Sharif - Freedom Fighters of Pakistan

He was a famous Frontier force Regiment in the Pakistani Army. During the liberal war, Shabir was ordered to conquer the province where the company of the hidden Indian intelligence at Assam Regiment force was located.

They even hit their aim and were about to win but then without any information, there came Indians attacked their tank and hit them badly. The Assassinated their soldiers and also this lead to the death of Rana Shabbir Sharif who had being attacked by the Indian tank. He fought bravely with all his efforts.

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